We believe in the connection of health, wellness & beauty.

At The Art of Dentistry & Spa, we treat people, not teeth. Serving patients from Branchburg, Rutgers, Somerset, and the surrounding area.
Our general dentistry practice provides patients with the most advanced technologies, in a warm, family dentistry atmosphere. Serving patients from Branchburg, Rutgers, Somerset, and the surrounding area.

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Is there really a difference between one dentist and another?

At The Art of Dentistry and Spa, you’ll see our difference immediately, and you’ll be amazed.
When you go to the family dentist, you expect a friendly staff, the latest in technology, and something to aid with the pain you may experience. Do you expect a spa atmosphere? A serene setting with a waterfall in the waiting area? Coffee, tea, or even wine to sip while you wait? A computer in the waiting area so you can catch up on emails? Doesn’t sound like your typical dentist, does it? You will get all of that at The Art of Dentistry and Spa.

Today’s advanced techniques—coupled with leading-edge technologies and a dentist’s unrelenting pursuit of the finest continuing education training—can make a huge difference in your aesthetic appearance, and in your comfort and satisfaction. At our family dental practice, you will benefit from the very latest treatment techniques including innovative advances in patient comfort, the highest-quality and longest-lasting materials, and the most aesthetically pleasing results. You’ll treasure the peace of mind that comes from a quickly developed sense of trust and confidence in our general dentistry practice.

Just some of our Smiles

The Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

At AOD, the details in your smile are what gives it character. The professionals at AOD have the expertise and care to create the smile you always wanted or to bring the smile you once had back to life. Our attention to detail is unmatched and our care for you is an artform that we have perfected.

A whole new way to treat APNEA or INSOMNIA

Are you ready for better Sleep and Health?

Many patients, who have previously suffered from the result of bad sleep, breathing or sleep apnea, have found lasting relief using our program and are finally getting good quality sleep. This breakthrough, state -of-the-art treatment method we use to help patients is proven to be successful.

Our effective treatment is non-invasive, holistic and relatively inexpensive compared to most common accepted treatment options today.

Diplomate status for Dental Sleep Medicine

Is holistic dentistry important to you?

We are dedicated to providing our patients with mercury-free restorations as a standard of care. We never use mercury in any of our restorations, ever.

Find out more about our safe Mercury Amalgam rem oval procedures (S.M.A.R.T.).

Mercury Free Dentistry

Well-Trained Team

Combining advanced skill with modern technology for a better dental outcome.

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Dr Dean Chencharik

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Dr Devon Berry

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Dr Bruce Roland


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