Athletic Sports Guards

Smart athletes uses athletic sports guard

Our office takes sports guards seriously

We have invested in a state-of-the-art pressure forming device to fabricate athletic mouth guards that are the same ones used by professional sports players all over the world. We are one of a few offices to employ this method in mouth guard fabrication to ensure that our patients have the best quality protection while they are out having fun.

Proper protection starts with material in the important impact zones — the areas in the front of the teeth and under the molars — and means there isn’t bulky material where protection isn’t needed. However, these zones change depending on the sport. Athletes need to have the proper level of protection for each specific sport or they could be at risk of injury, not to mention discomfort on their playing field of choice. Mouth guards need to be worn properly to provide protection. For that to happen, they need to fit right. Their guards must have a tight enough fit to firmly stay on their upper teeth without the player having to bit down to keep the guard in place. A proper fitting guard stays in place during any impact. The only way it should come out is when a player takes it out with his or her fingers. At The Art of Dentistry and Spa, we can make the perfect mouth guard for any athlete, so that you’ll never have to worry about an emergency trip to the dentist to get the guard adjusted. And we hope we’ll never have to see you as the result of an accident on the field. 

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