Botox for TMJ, Clenching, and Grinding

If you experience jaw pain, tension headaches, stiffness, and more, you may have a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders can be extremely uncomfortable and disrupt your daily life. Thankfully, Botox can help relieve symptoms!

Read more to learn about the connection between Botox and TMJ treatment.

How can Botox Relieve TMJ Symptoms?

In this form of treatment, Botox is injected by a professional into areas that may cause jaw tension and other TMJ symptoms. The treated areas are relaxed, relieving pain and increasing mouth movement ability. 

TMJ disorder symptoms that may be relieved with Botox injections include:

  • Tension or pain in jaw
  • Headaches
  • Jaw clicking and limited mobility
  • Clenching and grinding

How does Botox Treatment for TMJ work?

TMJ pain arises when the joint becomes displaced or is overworked. In sessions with professionals like the experts at The Art of Dentistry & Spa, Botox is injected into areas that may include the jaw, forehead, and temple muscles. Botox relaxes certain muscles responsible for chronic TMJ pain and reduces their spasm and tension.

To maintain relief, it is highly recommended that patients have regularly scheduled appointments to receive Botox.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re ready to reclaim your life from TMJ pain and learn if Botox may be an option for you, schedule an appointment at The Art of Dentistry & Spa! We’re here to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible with our relaxing environment and friendly staff.

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