Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Treatment Somerset NJ

While cold sores may not be the most awful things that can happen medically, they are certainly annoying. They are unsightly, embarrassing, difficult to cover up, and painful.

At the Art of Dentistry and Spa, we offer complimentary laser treatment for cold sores.

Laser treatment at our office is the most effective way to heal and prevent cold sore breakouts. Laser treatment not only relieves pain, but prevents future outbreaks of cold sores as well.

Are you ready to make cold sores a thing of your past? Schedule an appointment today.

The benefits of laser treatment include:

  • Provides immediate pain relief
  • The laser eradicates the virus, preventing any further outbreaks in that area
  • Lesions heal within 24-72 hours after treatment
  • Laser treatment greatly reduces the chances of scarring