Dental Services

At our practice, we strive help our patients with what ever dental need they may have. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art dental care in a Spa environment. 

Apnea or Insomnia

If you suffer from a sleep issue, including apnea, insomnia, or snoring, there has never been a better time to seek treatment. We have a comfortable alternative to a CPAP machine that doesn’t require uncomfortable equipment or invasive surgery.

apnea or insomnia somerset nj
The art of dentistry nj has state-of-the-art pressure forming device to fabricate athletic mouthguards protecting your smile

Athletic Sports Guards

Our office takes sports guards seriously. We have invested in a state-of-the-art pressure forming device to fabricate athletic mouthguards that are the same ones used by professional sports players all over the world. We are one of a few offices to employ this method in mouthguard fabrication to ensure that our patients have the best quality protection while they are out having fun.


Replacement of teeth can be done a variety of ways and at times we can replace missing teeth by anchoring to the teeth adjacent to the toothless area. This is also done with all porcelain, very esthetic and life like restorations of the highest quality.

Cold Sore Treatment

Laser treatment at our office is the most effective way to heal and prevent cold sore breakouts. Laser treatment not only relieves pain, but prevents future outbreaks as well.

Benefits of laser treatment

  • Provides immediate pain relief
  • The laser eradicates the virus, preventing any further outbreaks in that area
  • Lesions heal within 24-72 hours after treatment
  • Laser treatment greatly reduces the chances of scarring

Cosmetic Dentistry

Advances in cosmetic dentistry allow us to completely transform a patient’s smile. From fixing a broken or discolored front tooth, to a complete smile makeover, you would be surprised at how a great smile can make you more comfortable socially and professionally.

We also have an in-office Zoom teeth whitening process that will make your teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Remove old grey and black silver fillings can improve your health and your smile

Cosmetic (white) fillings

The removal of old grey and black silver fillings can improve your overall health, as well as your smile. We have state-of-the-art dental equipment to allow us to safely remove mercury containing silver fillings and place esthetic invisible tooth colored restorations that can last a lifetime. We also use the most current Green Technology disposal devices to safely dispose of the harmful mercury contained in those old silver fillings, in order to be environmentally friendly.


For teeth that have been fractured, badly damaged, over filled with silver fillings, or have had root canal treatment, it is often necessary to provide a restoration for that tooth which will give long lasting support for that tooth. We use the highest quality all porcelain and tooth colored crowns without the use of any metal, which alleviates that dark metal line at the gums, to address any teeth which require a full coverage crown restoration.

A crown can repair a damaged tooth
Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace your missing teeth

Dental Implants

Are you being deprived of eating foods you love because of problems with your teeth? Are missing teeth keeping you from smiling? If any of these pertain to you, you’ll want to consider dental implants. 

The Straight Teeth You Deserve

SureSmile SureSmile aligners: Straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, and fix overbites discreetly. Wear custom-designed clear trays at least 20 hrs/day for effective results. Notice changes in 3-4 months.
SureSmile Clear Braces Somerset NJ

Mercury Safe Amalgam Removal

Our office has the technology and education to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings from teeth. Dr Berry employs the S.M.A.R.T. (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Techniques) protocol to remove toxic mercury amalgam fillings. The S.M.A.R.T. protocol, as recognized by the Holistic Dental Association.

Needless Anesthesia

Needleless anesthesia for cleanings. For those of you who can’t stand the sensitivity you get during a cleaning we have needleless anesthesia that can be applied directly to the tooth during your cleaning by your hygienist. Now you can get the periodontal care you need without the pain and frustration of highly sensitive teeth.

Needleless anesthesia for cleanings

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are alive and within the teeth are nerves and blood vessels, commonly called the pulp. When teeth get infected or traumatized, often times the pulp within the teeth can become irreversibly damaged. Teeth with pulp that needs treatment require root canal treatment. We use the most advanced rotary endodontics (root canal) equipment and materials to ensure that root canal treatment is pleasant and pain-free, and can usually be done in 1 or 2 visits.

Snoring Appliances

We offer many types of anti-snoring devices and support at the office that are inexpensive and effective at alleviating many of our patients snoring complaints.

TMJ (temporomandibular)
At The Art of Dentistry, we’re experts in diagnosing and treating TMJ and head and neck pain. Our specialized dentists offer tailored solutions, including non-invasive options, custom oral appliances, pain management, and bite adjustments. We educate patients, provide ongoing care, and refer to specialists when needed. Trust us to improve your quality of life and prevent complications associated with TMJ disorders.


We have an in-office Zoom whitening process that will whiten your teeth in about 1 hour while you sit back and watch a movie, listen to music, or just take a quiet nap. We also offer a take home whitening system for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth on their own. We currently use a whitening product that takes 1 week at 15 minutes per day to see amazing results.

Veneers / Laminates

To change the shape, size, color or apparent alignment of teeth, porcelain veneers or laminates can work magic. Laminates are minimally invasive porcelain facings that are placed right over your existing teeth to give you the smile you have always wanted.