Ever wish your eyebrows looked naturally picture perfect everyday without any additional makeup? Microblading may be your solution!

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo treatment that allows your eyebrows to retain a more defined, but natural, look. Our microblading experts are here to answer any questions you may have and give you the eyebrows of your dreams!

How does Microblading work?

Unlike traditional tattoos, microblade tattoo pigment is implanted under your skin with a handheld tool, not a machine. For a natural appearance, tattoo strokes are carefully drawn onto your eyebrows to mimic the look of hair.

The complete look requires two visits. The second visit is 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment in order to allow the color to develop fully and for your brows to heal.

Over time, touch-ups may be needed, which we are happy to provide.

Preparing for your Treatment

Ready for perfect brows 24/7? Here are the steps you should take beforehand:

  • Speak with a professional at The Art of Dentistry & Spa to go over safety requirements for the days prior to and day of your treatment
  • Wash your hair before treatment (Microbladed brows cannot be touched by water for at least 7 days after treatment)
  • Avoid plucking or tinting your eyebrows

A specialist at The Art of Dentistry & Spa will speak with you about safety and preparation information during your appointment.

Get your Dream Eyebrows

If you’re ready to stop worrying about using makeup to fill in your eyebrows and get your desired shape, we’re here to help! Our experienced microblading experts are here to make the process stress-free.

Call us today at (732) 846-7100 to book your appointment, or request one online at https://www.theartofdentistrynj.com/request-appointment/

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