Looking for a minimally invasive way to revitalize and reset your skin? We’re happy to offer Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy treatments!


Microneedling offers a variety of benefits for your skin, including, but not limited to:

  • Increased production of collagen, elastin, and new skin tissue
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and scars
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation
  • Improved elasticity
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Reduced appearance of enlarged pores

The Process and How It Works

First, we will determine if your skin is suitable for the procedure (it is not recommended to undergo microneedling if you are taking isotretinoin).

While topically numb, tiny needles puncture your skin to create a controlled injury that triggers your body’s natural healing response. This results in an increased production of collagen, elastin, and new skin tissue.

The punctures create microchannels that also allow for increased product penetration to the deeper layers of skin where healing and regeneration take place. This rejuvenating process is non-ablative and results in smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

Other facts about Microneedling

For lasting benefits such as reduced appearance of acne scars, multiple treatments are recommended. We will discuss this with you and recommend a personalized plan of action to help you see and maintain the best results from the treatment possible.

For the first few days after treatment, it is recommended that you avoid the sun, makeup, and other elements that may be uncomfortable on your skin. You may start to see benefits within just a few weeks of treatment.

At The Art of Dentistry & Spa, we’re here to provide the most comfortable microneedling experience for you possible. To schedule your consultation, please give us a call at 

(732) 846-7100.

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