Our Technology

We have taken great pride in offering our patients the very best dental care for years and having the most advanced, state-of-the-art, equipment, materials and techniques allow us to provide the best for our patients consistently.

These are just a few of the areas we thought we should make special note of:

Trios 3D Scanner: This scanner allows us to take digital 3D “impressions” of patients without the use of any impression pastes or chemicals. Restorations created from the digital process are delivered faster with a more precise fit and fewer adjustments, which offers a tremendous time savings.

3D scanner lets us examine patients without the use of any impression pastes or chemicals

Planmeca Extra Oral Scanner : This scanner allows us to take X-rays and cone beam cat scans with as little radiation as possible delivered to the patient. We firmly believe in the safety of our patients, and less radiation leads to fewer reasons for you to worry.

Planmeca CBCT Machine Somerset nj

Sleep Image Biometric Ring – Our state-of-the-art ring is FDA approved to screen patients for a multitude of sleep disorders and issues. There is no need for an overnight stay at a foreign sleep center. This technological breakthrough has made sleep treatment convenient, affordable and easy.

How it works: SleepImage uses an advanced biometric recording device to measures your sleep quality, pulse oximetry, heart rate and apnea events. The biometric data, collected while sleeping in your bed at home, is analyzed by intelligent software to provide a comprehensive sleep assessment to evaluate sleep quality and diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. Learn More >

OralID-Oral Cancer Screening Device:Our practice has invested in new technology which you can take advantage of at your next appointment, called OralID. This new device enables us to see changes in oral tissue incredibly early and can alert us to any potential unhealthy tissue in your mouth on a cellular level, well before anything is visible to the naked eye. Oral cancer rates have increased at an alarming rate. In fact, there has been a five-fold increase in oral cancer rates among people under the age of 40. This new device will help us to keep you healthy, so please be sure to ask about OralID at your next appointment.

OralID Oral Cancer Screening Device

Electronic Billing: We will submit all of your dental insurance claims electronically just for you. You do not need to worry about bringing paperwork to the office. You can submit all forms through our website. This allows you to focus on yourself and enjoy your dental experience, while we worry about the rest.

Digital Radiographs: Our digital X-ray system removes 80 percent of the radiation you are used to being exposed to for your dental X-rays. This makes it safer for you. Also, since the X-rays are digital, they go anywhere within the practice you go in an instant. For those of you who have had experience with digital x-ray sensors already we have a surprise, OURS ARE COMFORTABLE. We use state-of-the-art phosphor film plates that are actually thinner than traditional X-ray films, not those bulky sensors which can make you gag.

State-of-the-art phosphor film plates that are actually thinner than traditional X-ray films for your comfort

Our Sterilization: When we built our office we looked ahead at the newest sterilization technology because we take our sterilization measures seriously. We use Class B sterilization, the highest form of sterilization available, to ensure that you are safe and healthy throughout your dental treatment.