Renew Your Overall Well-Being With Our Spa Solutions

Prioritizing your self-care is never frivolous. When you visit us for your dental checkup, you may want to treat yourself and pair it with some of our spa services. Numerous options are available to you – all of which will leave you feeling comforted, beautiful, and relaxed.

You may consider:

  • Message Therapy – You can select from one of our many massages: signature, deep tissue, hot stone, or reflexology. We have pre- and post-natal massage options, and a massage for people who struggle with TMJ pain.
  • Facial – Our signature facials clean your pores, moisturize your skin, and make you look younger. We even have a special option for teenagers, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, a customized mask, and hydration.
  • Rejuvenation Services – You can choose from several rejuvenation services, including Botox, Restylane, and Radiesse. Be sure to ask your dentist about our Botox Membership special that saves you money on regular treatments.

Our Comfort Menu Will Help You Relax

In addition to our spa options, you’ll find a comfort menu that will help you feel relaxed and rested during your appointment. When you arrive, we’ll offer:

  • Beverages – You can enjoy a bottled or cucumber water. We also have coffee and tea available.
  • Therapeutic Comforts – Our office has aromatherapy designed to help stress fade away. You can also relax with a heated neck wrap, lavender scented towel, and cooling eye pads.
  • Happy Distractions – Free WiFi is available if you want to stream a show or podcast from your own phone.  However, you can also watch a movie or show on one of the TVs in our office.

Call 732-422-5122 to take advantage of our dental spa in Somerset. You can also request an appointment online.