Conquer Your Anxiety With Our Experienced Dental Team

We know some patients feel nervous about their dental visits. Our goal is to change that by making you feel cared for, comfortable, and relaxed, no matter why you are seeing us. Our entire team is passionate about helping you get the dental treatment you need – without the anxiety.

Whether you are visiting us for a dental checkup or a full-mouth reconstruction, you’ll find a variety of anxiety-relief options to ensure your comfort. We provide:

  • Comforting Sedation – You’ll experience worry-free dentistry thanks to our laughing gas sedation. It takes effect nearly immediately and wears off quickly too. There are no lasting effects, so you can easily drive yourself home.
  • Needle-Free Anesthetic – You won’t feel a thing during treatment, because we numb your mouth with a needle-free anesthetic.
  • Cozy Amenities – Stay comfortable and happily distracted with our heated neck wraps, cooling eye pads, TVs, and headphones.
  • Comfort Enhancing Technology – We use dental technology such as digital X-rays, digital scanners, and lasers to provide precise treatments and the best possible outcomes.

Our hours are flexible, so you can make an appointment when it’s less stressful for you. Get in touch with our team if you want to see us when our office is the quietest. We’re more than happy to accommodate you in a way that helps you feel at ease.

Call 732-422-5122 for help with relieving dental anxiety in Somerset. You can also ​​schedule online.