Needleless Anesthesia

Now get the periodontal care you need without the pain

The treatment you need without the pain.

Do you need to get your teeth cleaned, but are avoiding it because of the pain? While we do our very best to be gentle, some patients just can’t get past the pain and discomfort caused by the poking and flossing that comes with your twice-a-year cleaning. At the Art of Dentistry and Spa, we understand that discomfort, but we don’t want you to miss your cleanings because of it.

You don’t have to worry about that pain any longer because we offer Needleless anesthesia to our patients for cleanings. For those of you who can’t stand the sensitivity, you get during a cleaning, needleless anesthesia that can be applied directly to the tooth during your cleaning by your hygienist. We can be sure your teeth are clean and healthy, and you won’t feel a thing!  Not even a needle in your jaw, because this is all done without needles. The anesthesia works with just a simple spray on your teeth before we begin.

Now you can get the periodontal care you need without the pain and frustration of highly sensitive teeth.

We also offer our patients the option to use Nitrous Oxide during their appointment. It can help patients who have dental anxiety remain fully relaxed during their procedure.

Make your appointment today for a cleaning with needleless anesthesia.